13 Adventures to Experience in the Canadian Rockies!


Explore, Expand, Embrace and Experience the Difference of the Canadian Rockies! There are lots of adventures and activities to do when in Lake Louise and Banff

I find it kind of strange that I live in Calgary and I haven’t really had chance to learn all the exciting things that Lake Louise has to offer to both travelers and Albertans. In an attempt to learn and explore the Ice Magic Sculptures in Lake Louise couple of days ago, I realized there are way more to see and do than just see the Ice Sculptures. Our one day plan seemed too short to actually immerse in the unending activities and adventures to do. I’d say at least a couple of days of stay might be a better option in order to actually participate in some of the fun adventures and fully enjoy the beauty of the place.

The Top Adventures in Lake Louise include the list below;

  1. Skiing

    Skiing is the king of the Canadian Rockies. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, ski hills are there to help you reach your goals. Beginner course are available.

  2. Heli Tours

    See the valleys and mountains as you never have before- from above in a helicopter!  Better yet, I bet you can arrange for special wedding up there!!

  3. Snow Board

  4. Alpine Walk/Hike

  5. Snow Shoeing

  6. Dog Sledding

    Explore the Canadian Rockies by Dog Sledding

  7. Sleigh Rides

  8. SightSeeing

  9. Ice Magic Sculptures

    Check out magnificent Ice Sculptures created by talented artists from around the world. The event happens in the month of January every year. The artists create their ice sculptures out of blocks of ice maintaining a specified theme such as the four elements of life which are fire, wind, water and earth this year 2016. While you are there, you might as well bring your skates.

  10. Skating

    Yes, the public is welcome to skate on the frozen lake for free

  11. Ice Climb (winter)

    Enjoy a half, full or multi-day ice climbing trips in the Canadian Rockies

  12. Rock Climb (summer)

    Learn to climb the rocks on a half-day to however many days of your choice.

  13. Especial Events (bonus!).

    You may be able to get married, or celebrate special day in one of your favorite spot on top of the mountain.

14. Gondola Ride

Go for gondola ride to the top of the Banff Hot Spring Resort and enjoy the 360 degree panoramic view.  If you get lucky, feed some friendly bambis that come hovering around you.  Browse and shop in the gift shop up there for souvenirs.

So, there you have it. When you visit Lake Louise at the Canadian Rockies, plan ahead, bring all your necessary gears and warm clothing and enjoy your adventures in Lake Louise ans Banff.

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