7 Places To Visit When In Northern Philippines

The Northern Philippines in the Cordillera Administrative Region has a lot to offer for anyone interested in exploring and trekking.  Whether you are looking for mountains, caves, rivers, hot spring resorts, beaches or villages, the options are there for you.  You may want to plan your travel a bit longer than few days if you want to see them all as these places are located in different areas.  Most of the areas are also kind of remote and require a lot of walking.  Good health, stamina  as well as interest in backpacking adventures is required for these kinds of travels.1.

1. Sumaguing Cave, Sagada Mountain Province, Philippines

Sagada Cave Adventure

You can take a bus from Baguio City to Sagada on a 4 hour ride.  You may choose to go there with your own vehicle but be aware that the road is rugged and you may encounter some road erosions and may have to take alternate routes.  In Sagada, you can explore the quiet and nice little town, checkout my favorite Sumaguing Cave, visit the echo valley and down to the hanging coffins.  On the way back, you may want to stopby the pottery, or the weaving, and watch the magnificent sunset as it disappears in amatter of minutes.  Contact us to learn more.

 2.Kibungan Rockies

Rice Terraces at the Kibungan Rockies
Kibungan Rice Terraces
Kibungan Rockies

Kibungan Rockies in Kibungan Benguet Philippines is probably the best destination for mountain trekkers.  The stunning peaks, valleys and mountain ranges with it’s variety of flora make it a one of a kind in the landlocked Northern part of the Philippines.  The mountainous panoramic vistas where the eyes could see as far as it wants to see without spotting a soul is an indicative of a place that is still untapped by tourists.  One could climb these treacherous mountain ranges for hours without any means of transportation.  Villages are found between these mountains.  Inhabitants of these far flung villages must walk long hours to bring their crops to the nearest market.  Their rice fields, chayote, bananas and yam farms are painstakingly itched along the mountainsides.  How to get there?  Want to join us in our next trek to Kibungan Rockies?  Contact us here

3. Mountain Trail Vegetable Farms

Exploring Vegetable Farm in Northern PhilippinesYes, the northern part of the Philippines in the Cordillera Region is comprised of vegetable farming communities. At about 5000 meters above sea level, the temperature could drop down to cool temperature which causes the famous frosts during the coldest months of December and January.

4. Trinidad Valley

Adventure lady on top of La Trinidad Valley
Adventure lady on top of La Trinidad Valley

Visit and explore La Trinidad Valley.  It is a buzzling second city located 5 kilometers from Baguio City.  This is the first drop-off market for the farmers.  In La Trinidad Market, you will find fresh fruits, vegetable and flowers, as well as other crafts and souvenirs.  Strawberry picking during the harvest season is one of the tourist attraction to this city.  Like any other cities, it also has movie theaters, hotels, restaurants, shops, department stores, shopping malls, Beauty Salons, Internet places, schools, places of worships, etc.  Other activities could include climbing smaller mountains surrounding the valley such as the Jumbo Mountain, Mt. Kalugong to mention a couple.

5.  Baguio City

Touring Baguio CityTouring Baguio City

 6. Asin Hot Spring Resorts

Enjoying overnight soak in asin Hot Spring Resort
Enjoy overnight soak at Asin Hot Spring Resort

Just half hour from Baguio City takes you Asin Hot Spring Resorts where you will find different small hot spring resorts.  Depending on your preference, some are better and more expensive then others.  Most close at night but some may be willing to stay open overnight if you ask.  There is one particular older place that I like because it lets us have the whole place with a simple cottage overnight for a minimal cost.  It’s great for more private and quiet night-out.

7.  San Fernando Beaches, San Fernando La Union

San Fernando Beaches
Soaking Up the Sun in San Fernando Beaches

This now takes you to the lower mainland where it gets hotter especially in the summer time.  Catch a bus from Baguio City and in less than 2 hours, you are in San Fernando La Union city centre.  You can stay in a hotel if you arrive later in the evening or you can take a tricycle ride straight to the beach.  There lots more to visit in Northern Philippines but I can only talk about the places that I know very well.

Want to visit Northern Philippines but not sure how to get around?  Let us help you.  Join us in our next travel to the Northern Philippines and we’ll  gladly show you these exciting places mentioned above.

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