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Cave Adventure

Adventure to Sumaguing Cave, Sagada Mountain Province, Philippines

I felt like a scared kid when we approached the dark entrance of the cave. We started our adventure very early morning when most people were still sound slept. The bats were buzzing all over us as we descended through slippery rocks with our bare feet. It is known to have a safer grip to the surface with bare feet. Just before we drop down to this seemingly deep dungeon where I felt some deep water down below was just waiting for me to drop. Terrified, I told my group that I would wait up there until they come back but luckily our guide realized what was happening and came up to encourage me that it would be ok. Trusting our guide I slowly took his hand and down we went. Boy, was he right. Down below was so amazing and it got better as we got deeper to the cave. You should try it sometime, you might enjoy it too.