Travel and Explore San Fernando Beaches in San Fernando La Union, Philippines

Spend a day at the beaches and enjoy soaking up the sun and unwind. San Fernando beaches is easy and cheap to access, only takes an hour bus ride from Baguio City. The most exciting part for me is that it’s free for everyone! We decided to take the bus from Baguio City, stayed in a very inexpensive hotel in the downtown area then took tricycle ride to the beach the next morning. With three adventure seeker gals, this was fun and easy.

How to Get There from Baguio?

Catch a bus from Baguio City and in an hour, you could be enjoying the warn sandy beaches in San Fernando La Union.  Depending on your style of adventure trip, you could go cheap and stay in hotel or stay in one of the beach resorts.  The hotels are found in the city center which is just few minutes tricycle ride away from the beaches.

Another option of getting there is by having your own transportation and just drive directly to one of the resorts where you’d like to stay.

If interested in having a guide to help you around, ask around for people who help tourists and travelers to get around for living but be careful not to get taken advantage of.  It’s important to make a clear understanding what the deal will be, for example how much, how long they can help you around, and what’s included (gas, driver’s pay, car rent, etc.).

In our experience, bus is the most practical and cheapest way to travel whenever available.  The most obvious advantages of taking the bus is that you save money and a lot of headache and maintaining the vehicle.  You would not to worry about repairs, gas, driver’s pay, driver’s food, etc.

Ready for your next vacation, pack you bags and enjoy your beach vacation in the Northern Philippines!

nipa hut near the beaches


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